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Ellington Properties build residences for people who truly appreciate design – from first principles to last detail Ellington Properties homes are not “machines for living in”, but expressions of their owners’ taste, refinement and aspirations. Classic in feel, but contemporary of vision.


Ellington envisions a new way of living for discerning customers in Dubai and beyond.2 year warranties with every property for peace of mind.




Discussions relating to the building of this new company initially commenced in 2013 and have finally taken form with the partnership bet Ellington Properties en Mr. Joseph Thomas and Mr. Robert Booth. This leadership team has been at the forefront of the Dubai real estate market since 2000 and has moved tens of thousands of units in Dubai while driving pricing momentum at accelerated rates at a typcal of established marketplaces.

The leadership record of Mr. Robert Booth within Dubai real estate is second to none. His driveand understanding of the business translates to proven increases in shareholder value and thetranslation of vision to reality. The creation of successful real estate brands and their subsequent market launch is a specialty with a focus towards superior market pricing. e believes that authentic and credile brands must follow-up on their sales and marketing promises with an organization that can deliver.

The reach and network of Mr.Joseph Thomas within Dubai is an asset that is difficult for competitors to duplicate. The trust provided to him by a wide array of international UHNW clients and network of retail investors makes him a formidable force. Years of interacting with and listening to customers sho Ellington Properties d him multiple market gaps where Dubai developers Ellington Properties re unwilling to invest the necessary res Ellington Properties ces or break away from trends to serve a more forward-thinking market segment. He brings a unique perspective on the buyer needs



Ellington Properties vision is singular and focused: to become the most sought after, respected and profitable residential real estate developer in Dubai delivering, 1000 classically contemporary units annually placing discerning customers at the centre of Ellington Properties thinking.

The entire foundation of the company has been set on expertise within its leadership and management team to surprise customers. This means committing res Ellington Properties ces to challenge expectations and to dynamically ascertain the market for best practices and stylish design that means the discriminating eye of customers seeking authenticity.

Ellington is curating a new mindset that puts Ellington Properties clients at the centre of what Ellington Properties do. Through expertise, reliability and quality, ellington will build a legacy that will stand the test of time due to the commitment to an unwavering focus to the needs of Ellington Properties customers.

Ellington wants to bring TRUST back to a tainted industry, ending the regional norm of broken promises and replace it with achievable master developments that set new standards of quality. A brand based on trust with a clarity of vision to enable people to lead lives they want to live.



Ellington Development

Ellington Development focuses on the development of the company’s projects for sale, which encompasses a variety of activities, including the acquisition of land, design and development and supervising the physical construction of the building. Ellington Properties work with local and international architects and designers to develop the most efficient buildings that are of the highest quality.

Ellington Living

Ellington Living is Ellington’s rental business which focuses on the design, construction and leasing of mid-market rental units in planned communities at premium locations in the UAE, with a focus on Dubai. Ellington Living’s strategy is driven by allocating capital to accretive opportunities, including development, that satisfies residential market demand in the long-term and will be attractive to investors who are looking for rental yield.

Ellington Advisors

Ellington offers advisory services, where Ellington Properties manage a complete ‘turn key’ property development service from initial Land Evaluation for Highest & Best Use, through all stages of development including: Feasibility Budgets, Approvals & Permits, Construction, Sales & Marketing, and Handover.

Chrome & White

Chrome & White is Ellington’s property management arm that focuses on the operation, control and oversight of Ellington’s rental properties once they are completed and handed over. Chrome & White will handle a full spectrum of operational, maintenance and leasing activities, including advertising the property and collecting rent.